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Robert Lowther Attends the "Breakaway Practice Seminars"®

Robert Lowther, Vice President of The Denali Group, recently attended the “Breakaway Practice Seminar”®   held in San Antonio, TX.

Mr. Lowther attended the seminar after the urging of one of Denali’s current clients who herself had attended the program and was now following this practice model.

These seminars are taught by a San Antonio dentist who created the seminar series to assist new start dentists with opening their own practices.  The concepts include more ergonomic designs, higher office space efficiencies, and significant better production returns.

The Denali Group is glad to have officially attended the seminar so we can better understand the concepts that attendees of the seminar request from Denali as we plan and build-out their offices as our clients.  It should be noted, Denali is not a replacement for attending the seminars (and is in no way associated with nor endorsed by the seminars), and in fact Denali will not help a client build-out a practice following this model unless they have proof of attending the seminars.

The Denali Group has clients following many different practice models, this model is one amongst many varied ways of starting a new dental office.  For more details contact us at 720.446.1770.



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