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Two Simple Steps towards Becoming a More Valuable Team Member

A Gallup pole estimates that 30% of the workforce is engaged while 52% are unengaged and 18% actively disengaged.  If you’re in the 18% , please, please go and find your happiness elsewhere because it’s very difficult to reengage when you’re actively disengaged.  If you fall in the 30% who are engaged it speaks highly of you and, in all likelihood, your practice culture as well.  But, is you’re in the 52% unengaged team members, it may not take as much as you think to become engaged and part of the 30% who loves coming to work every day.

First, don’t blame it all on the boss or your co-workers.  Even if some of them are not committed, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get there.  You have very little control over others’ bad attitudes so, accept that and move on.  Don’t let anyone else set your agenda.  Be the best that you can be because of what it makes of you.

Secondly, actively look for ways in which you can “up” your personal best.  For example, see what you can do to get out of your silo and set the next team member up for success.  How does what you do in your position effect their ability to do their job better and, if you don’t know, ask.  It could be as simple as a hygienist alerting the admin team that a patient with a treatment plan that needs financial arrangements is going to be coming up to the front in five minutes.  Find ways to wow your patients and this almost always boils down to a personal touch, going above and beyond, remembering the little things that tell the patient you listened and they’re important.

I love the late, great Jim Rohn.  One of my favorite quotes of his is:  “My father taught me to always do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future”.

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