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How to Create Team Diversity

Creating a balanced, well rounded team doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s an intentional, well thought out choice. I frequently see doctors surround themselves with people that are just like them. I remember doing DISC behavioral analysis during an initial meeting with a practice in Grand Junction, only to discover that every single one of them was a high “S”. S’s don’t like change and seeing that made my heart sink, I knew I was in for a challenge and I was correct. It was difficult to get new things implemented. Their team lacked the diversity necessary to develop a successful practice.

Successful leaders recognize their own weaknesses and see gaps in positions in other areas of their practices. They are able to assemble a team that is well rounded and able to make balanced decisions. Once the team is assembled the best leaders are then able to trust the team to understand the issues, come up with solutions and act on them.

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