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The Denali Group becomes more efficient

The Denali Group has been through a few changes in the last six months and we wanted to share what the impact of the changes have brought to The Denali Group and more importantly to our clients!

The entire team at The Denali Group has been able to move the schedules of our clients who were on our waiting list up to the point that we have cleared our waiting list completely! That’s right!  Our waiting list in March of this year was through the end of January 2016.  As of now, we are moving forward with every single project at such a rate that all of our clients that were on the waiting list are now moving forward with their projects!

Make no mistake.  We have not reduced our scope of work nor have we reduced the number of hours needed to get our clients the very best terms at each step of their projects.  We have simply found better ways of doing things that allows us to accomplish our scope of work faster by dividing and conquering the tasks at hand.  No man is an island unto himself.

About two years ago when we decided to grow our firm in order to accommodate more work, we implemented a cross training program of skill-sets and responsibilities.  The last thing a client wants to hear or that we want to say is that they will have to wait for someone to return from vacation or from traveling in order to get something they need.  So we worked very hard to cross-train each other in our areas of skill so that in any one person’s absence, the work can continue.

What we do here at The Denali Group is very personal to each and every one of us!  We take a vested interest in the success and accomplishments of our clients.  We bring a passion to our clients’ projects that is second to none in this industry.  We provide a level of service that is completely unheard of in this industry and take immense pride in doing so.  When was the last time a consultant was on the phone with you at 8PM on a Saturday?

We would like to humbly ask that if you know someone that is contemplating starting a new practice or is thinking about relocating an existing practice, send them our way.  We offer a very comprehensive package of services to our clients that simply doesn’t exist in any other organization.  The Denali Group does not advertise.  We do not do a hard sell to get people to sign with us.  Remember, talking is always free!  Send them to our newly designed website!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, go have a look!  Jeff Francis headed up the revamp and we couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out!  Here’s a link:

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