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“As a result of your collective experiences and your incredible passion, your company brings a significant amount of confidence to the project of a dental start-up. Something that in my opinion, before I met The Denali Group, was completely lacking in the normal start-up process.”
-Sheila M., DMD

Denali is Redefining…


The Denali Group is the only company working nationally with the depth of experience to specialize in handling the Physical Operational, and Marketing aspects of establishing a new dental practice, relocating an existing one, or improving upon an on-going office. We provide our well diversified consulting services to both new start practitioners and existing practitioners…whichever of our services you use, they will take you and your team to the next level!

For New Start Dental Offices: The Denali Group can literally create a “Turnkey Office” for you—starting from scratch and 10 to 14 months later handing you the keys to a completed fully operational new office! We do all the leg work for you, oversee all crucial project logistics, assemble the necessary service providers, expertly manage design and construction, and if desired, also staff/train your new team and establish all your new practice’s necessary business management tools and systems and create a customized marketing program for you.

For Existing Dental Practices: Our team can provide you the know-how needed to further refine existing operating systems, policies, and procedures to effectively manage and grow your dental practice. Our Practice Management Consulting services can include everything from hiring new staff and training them properly; assembling/improving customized HR and Operating Manuals; installing sound financial policies; ensuring correct HIPAA and OSHA compliance; negotiating with new insurance providers; putting any needed new patient consent forms in place; reviewing fee schedules; perfecting customized internal operating policies; setting up tighter management systems; and regularly monitoring key data/indices for on-going improvements.

Additionally, our Marketing Management Services can act as your own in-house “Marketing Director” but without the overhead of paying a salary or benefits to a full-time employee! We start by undergoing a thorough investigation of your market area and demographics, conduct a detailed competitive analysis of all surrounding existing dental practices, and then create and implement a customized Marketing Program. On-going services also include such services as our unique “Results Mapping” of where your patients are coming from, regular review of your marketing ROI, and monitoring of your front desk phone answering abilities, and if necessary, further staff training to improve your “closing rate.”

For All Our Clients: Whether we are working with a new start client or a practitioner who has been in business for many prior years, we do not make the decisions for you…rather, what Denali does throughout an entire project is arm you with full information allowing you to make your own well-informed decisions with the least amount of stress and the least amount of time away from your current production and personal obligations.

Our company’s hallmark is saving all of our clients money, time, and stress during the planning and construction of a new office, and/or while setting up or further perfecting internal policies, procedures, and controls. When contemplating starting a new practice, relocating an existing one, or growing an on-going office to the next level, a practitioner should consider The Denali Group’s services as an integral necessity for effectively managing your project and best advising you step-by-step through the entire process of making your professional dreams into reality!

What We Offer New or On-Going Practice Owners:

The Denali Group’s Services

“Owner Representative” Physical Consulting:

Dental Practice Management Consulting:

Marketing Management Services:

For all our services, The Denali Group acts as a Trusted Strategic Partner to each of our clients. We leverage our knowledge, experience, and technology to manage projects across the country with the attention to detail and a hands-on approach which each deserves. Our services offer you a Single Point-of-Contact with a team who understands dental practice logistic—from concept all the way to implementing (or revise and optimize) the all-important operational/business and marketing components to make your new, relocated, or existing office run more smoothly and grow to the level of your desires!

How is Denali Different? To name just a few of many reasons:


The fact is, The Denali Group is very different in the Dental Industry. We are not beholden to anyone else in this industry… we derive 100% of our income only from our clients. Period! We do not accept referral fees, commissions, kick-backs, revenue sharing arrangements, or even gifts from ANY service providers, banks, landlords, vendors, or anyone else! What does this mean? Be aware, a lot of consultants, vendors, lenders, and other service providers pay and/or accept “referral fees” for recommending that you hire “their contacts” to help with your project. Who ends up paying for these additional “fees?” That would be YOU!

We at Denali DO NOT subscribe to this “old boy network” of doing business… rather, we believe in four ways of conducting our business that most benefit our clients: 1) ALL cost savings should go directly into our client’s pockets… and one element of such savings is refusing to take any form of “referral fees” or revenue sharing from others. 2) The way Denali remains totally objective and a true trusted advisor to our clients is NOT to be “bought” by other service providers or vendors who in turn expect us to refer clients exclusively to them. 3) On the contrary, for EVERY new assignment, we competitively bid out all major service providers, vendors, funding sources, and others that will be needed for your project. AND 4) instead, through these above methods we remain TOTALLY independent so we can best objectively advise our clients. The end result?… you as our client can be assured that we are ALWAYS being impartial and on your side with each and every piece of information and recommendation we supply you.

Second, we are extremely different from others in this industry because of the unparalleled level of service Denali provides each individual client. No one can compare to what we offer a client and the detailed approach we devote to every assignment we undertake. If it means taking your call on an evening or weekend… go ahead call us. If it means doing some unforeseen “out of scope” work that will really help you make a final decision… then we do it. If it means having to negotiate with a service provider who did not do their entire job up to our own high standards… then we will make every effort to correct the situation on your behalf, without you even having to speak with that particular service provider. With every project we take on, we are known for being great communicators, extremely hands-on, and fierce advocates for protecting our client’s interests. Ask any current or past Denali client!

Third, we also are different in this industry because Denali contains an unrivaled team of experts who possess well honed, multi-disciplined skills that bring far more than just “cookie cutter” solutions to each dentist’s unique circumstances. Having so many resources under one roof creates exceptional synergy. One result is that we have the capacity to combine a wide range of services into a single package. This alone can yield many advantages to a practitioner—one simple example: you only have to make one phone call to check on the status of your entire project. That single call is to us. We then handle the rest. We seek out, screen, negotiate with, manage, and follow through with every other service provider involved in the myriad stages of starting a new office or improving upon an existing practice. And we do this for the entire duration of your project—whether it be a couple months, or a year or more long. By the end of your project, this will not only save you endless headaches worrying that multiple services are being well coordinated to deliver your desired results and vision, but it will save you huge amounts of time and dollars!

Lastly, if you want a service provider that is going to tell you “what you want to hear,” then we are definitely the wrong company for you! So many of our past clients have come to truly value working with Denali because aside from being REALLY GOOD at what we do, we are also always objective, honest, and forthright with every bit of advice we provide our clients. We will do the research and speak to the correct third-parties to gather all needed information on a particular issue, question, or decision… and then present it all to you in an unbiased, straight-forward way. And even if it is not what you want to hear, if it is what you should hear, we will tell you the truth like it really is! Because our end goal working with every client is always to tell them what they NEED TO KNOW in order to make THE BEST long-term decisions for their practice’s future success and for their own personal/professional fulfillment.

Bottom-line: we truly have a PASSION for what we do. We immensely enjoy the job of helping our clients reach their goals, protecting them throughout the process, and educating them step-by-step… so they themselves can make their own well-informed decisions… and we can ultimately save them money, time, and stress!

We Customize Our Services:

Into “Full Service” Packages or “Ala Carte” Services

Denali customizes our services for each client’s needs and unique situation to get you from the concept stage of your start-up office to your opening day, and well beyond. Or, if an existing practice, we assist you from getting where you are today… to where you and your staff most desire to be tomorrow!

Denali can be engaged to only handle the Physical Aspects of a new start office project… or alternatively we can singularly consult on only the Operational/Business or Marketing Aspects of a new or existing practice… OR we can be your “One-Stop” Service Provider combining all our services and expertise into a Single Well-Coordinated Package for your total ease of mind and total ease of overall project control.

And The Denali Group offers all of our services NATIONWIDE.

You should note, the earlier The Denali Group is given the opportunity to get involved in your project, the more opportunities we will have to save you money, time… and STRESS!

Denali’s overall role can best be described as an Implementation Resource. Regardless of the practice model you are following, Denali’s skill is in translating your future office’s dreams into physical and operational reality. So the earlier we get involved in the concept stage, the more of our experience and expertise can be applied to your project. And always remember, Denali is literally the only professional service you will hire that in the end will not cost you… but ultimately save you money! The cost and time savings that Denali obtains for you will more than pay our fees!

For Physical Consulting Services…

A Money Back Guarantee

The Denali Group offers a Money Back Guarantee on our “Owner Representative” Physical Consulting services: We are so confident of our experience and expertise in what we do to plan and build-out a new office that if a client uses our full service package, Denali guarantees we will save you at least TWICE what our fee costs or our entire fee is free!


Not All Of Our Service Benefits Can Be Quantified!

The many “intangible” benefits which Denali’s Dental Office Consulting services offer a dentist include the following:

Denali—called Mount McKinley by some, but simply “Denali” by Native Alaskans—is the highest peak in North America. Like its namesake, The Denali Group seeks to deliver peak performance and rock solid results to “move mountains” achieving our client’s professional goals, aspirations, and visions. The Denali Group assists dentists in creating new offices: from overseeing concept planning, site location issues, financing, and space design and build-out…all the way to establishing practice operational/business systems as well as creating focused practice marketing campaigns.

Your Resource

The Denali Group provides services nationwide. Our role is to serve as the practitioner’s Implementation Resource in a project—whether it involves a new start practice or the relocation of an existing office. We act as the Single Point of Contact for all physical and/or operational aspects of a project. We have no loyalties or favoritisms to any architects, vendors, lenders, contractors, or other service providers.  We are your purely IMPARTIAL and OBJECTIVE advocate making us invaluable for protecting the owner’s position in all phases of creating the new physical space and ensuring optimal operational systems and/or well targeted practice marketing are in place once the doors open.

For specific bios on the Denali team, please refer to the “Our Team” tab under “About Us” above.

Call or email us today (via the “Contact Us” page) with any questions or to receive a Free Consultation—in person or over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.