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90 Day Turbo Charged Start

We know that, when you decide to start, you want to get going fast and put all your energy into the program. We want to capitalize on this energy, it just makes sense. That’s why 95% of our clients start with our 90-day Turbo Charged Start Product.

Here are the results you can expect

We help our clients to develop a compelling vision that resonates with their team and has everyone looking forward to coming to work each day.

We make sure everyone is going in the right direction with a specific blueprint for their roles and responsibilities.

It’s all about execution and performing at our best every day with the right set of marching orders.

Once we’re on the track and focused we set up a system of accountability so that we stay on track and don’t go off on tangents.

Janet is tuned into my goals. She encourages me regularly and helps me set a course of action towards my goals.”

-Mark Barnes, DDS
Boulder, Colorado

Maintenance Programs

Our clients want to make sure that, the culture they will have created continues to thrive. We have three different program levels for them to choose from depending on their individual needs and budget.

Dental Team 3-D

The Guide for Learning How to:

• Nuts and bolts of becoming a successful leader.
• Understand how to craft a compelling vision which provides clear direction .
• Strategies for motivating the team in creating the ultimate patient experience.
• Tips for reframing perspectives: learn to start from where you want to be, not where you are.
• Learn how to create a system of accountability for predictable and consistent results.
• Understand the benefits of macro-managing and maximize productivity and profitability.

book copy


What do Dentists Really Want?

Dentists nation wide participated in shaping this contemporary, easy-to-read book that explores the ultimate question for practice owners: What do Dentists Really Want?

This management book is packed with useful and insightful information on how dentists can substantially increase revenues and reduce stress. When the doctor becomes what the authors affectionately describe as a Macro Doc, he or she will be focusing on what they do best—practicing the art of dentistry—and delegating the authority and responsibility for the rest. (As the authors emphasize, the keyword is delegate, not abdicate, with appropriate checks and balances to avoid embezzlement or a hostile takeover by a dysfunctional team member.

This invaluable guide shows you how to:

The book is co-authored by Janet Steward and Lawrence Steward, MBA. For more information about the book please click here.

Powerful Practice

Leading consultants sharing strategies for dental practice success.