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Want your team to buy into your vision for your practice?

Ready to become the leader your team WANTS to follow?

Create a culture of engagement and commitment in YOUR practice.

Focusing on you and your team first to create a practice that is truly above and beyond. A practice where your vision becomes ‘True North’ and everything you do points in that direction. Where you and your team love what you do and become a cohesive unit. A practice where increased profitability is sustainable. Where you look forward to coming to work each day. Becoming a leader with integrity that your team loves to follow translates into team commitment, loyal patients who return and refer and ultimately greater profitability.

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Above And Beyond Dental Teams

Most practices focus on profitability first. However, when focusing on leadership and team commitment first, the end result is patient loyalty and significantly increased profitability. Create a compelling vision, an actionable step-by-step process of implementation and a system of accountability so the team is engaged and focused on your new ‘True North.’

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Above And Beyond Emotional Intelligence (EQ) In The Dental Practice

Learn how to break down the barriers to effective communication in your team and create a cohesive and cooperative feeling of family. Create a place that people love to be and attracts patients like a magnet. Learn what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and the incredible impact it can have in the workplace, while gaining a step-by-step, clearly defined process for getting there.

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After studying business at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and immigrating to the United States in 1986, Janet began her career in dental practice management. Her national consulting firm, Janet Steward Consulting, focuses on growing healthcare practices through solid leadership, team motivation and patient loyalty ultimately resulting in greater profitability.

Janet’s speaking presentations are high energy and engaging. She has a fun, approachable style and charms her audiences with her accent and her entertaining stories to help illustrate key points in her presentations.

Janet has been published nationwide. She authored the books Above and Beyond; and What Do Dentists Really Want? Macromanage Your Way to Greater Freedom and a Million-Dollar Practice.

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