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Dental Articles

The following dental articles are authored by The Denali Group (or its predecessor companies) as informational sources for our current dental clients or future potential clients.  We do note that the presentation of these articles here is for illustration purposes only; any legal, accounting, or business issues that are described within these articles should be discussed and confirmed with your attorney and/or CPA before you make any commitments, sign any legal documents, or otherwise make any professional or personal decisions.  (Because economic, market, governmental, legal, or other conditions can change over time, The Denali Group can make no express or implied warranties or representations as to the current accuracy and applicability of these past articles to today’s conditions.)


The Dental Client Who Did Everything Right From the Start: Lessons to be Learned

Author: Janet Steward

Dr. Raines and I met three months before his new dental practice opened.  As we sat down together in his living room, surrounded by his wife and children, I had an inkling I was in for a treat.  This was, after all, the dentist who had left his associateship in Columbus, Ohio and moved his…

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dental or Medical Office Construction

Author: Robert Lowther, Vice President

You have decided to take the leap and open a new dental or medical office.  This should be simple, right?  All you need is a space, an architect, and a builder. Oh, if it was only so easy! In this article we will examine my top ten construction issues you should be aware of when…

Top 10 Things to Consider When Reviewing a Commercial Lease for a New Dental, Medical, and Veterinary Office

Author: Will Kralovec, Principal

To many, reviewing a commercial real estate lease is intimidating.  But it need not be.  Most of the sections are self-explanatory if one takes the time to read them carefully.  And with a further focused evaluation of the lease, it becomes even more approachable.  Below is a list of top ten issues which should be…