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  • Experience with 200+ medical offices completed
  • Real estate & construction management expertise
  • Work nationally office to be on-site anywhere
  • Sole loyalty to the dentist… we are your project Advocate!
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The Denali Group is the only national company that specializes exclusively in handling all stages of a new or relocating dental, medical, or veterinary office build-out.  Denali has full-service expertise in overseeing all seven main components for creating a new or relocating turnkey office—from concept to seeing the first patient:

By having experience covering all above seven stages, The Denali Group has been redefining the new start process for dentists, physicians, and veterinarians. How are we doing this? By concentrating on a long overlooked element in the necessary start-up team.

The largest capital expense for a new start practice—whether a dental facility, medical office or a veterinary clinic—is everything that goes into the physical space and construction costs, whether it is a renovation of an existing building or new ground-up construction. By extension, this also is where there exists the largest opportunity to save money…a lot of money!

Although there are professionals in the new start industry who will tell you they “cover” those items in their package of services, our experience is that none are experts in real estate/construction project management AND medical space planning the way Denali is an expert. Our staff has built over 200 dental, medical, veterinary, and related professional offices in the last ten years. From this experience we have found that others currently consulting in the new start process do not cover such areas as construction drawing review, location due diligence, property existing conditions, value engineering, tenant improvement allowances, lease review, cost segregation studies, construction build-out procedures, and overall project management to the level of detail which will yield the significant savings that can be available to a new medical practitioner. In short, the prevailing way start-up practices or relocation of existing offices are managed by current consultants and service providers leaves “money on the table.” Denali’s construction “Owner Representation” services seek out maximum cost savings in many areas related to physical build-out and site location…and deliver these savings to the benefit of the medical practitioner!

Essentially, The Denali Group acts as the Single Point of Contact for all physical aspects of a medical project. By doing this, Denali takes managing the site selection, space layout design, pre-construction planning, and actual construction process to a whole new level. It is a level which allows the practitioner to make highly informed decisions about their new office in a way that allows them to save enormous amounts of time and money. And this is time which can be better put into marketing and actual production…and money which can be better used to build your practice and provide cash reserves for operating capital.

Denali is an expert at keeping a project on time, on budget, and within the desired scope of work. We take great care in ensuring a practitioner’s ultimate vision and goals are not only met, but exceeded! Through well developed project management techniques we ensure that all construction related contractors, consultants, service providers, and material suppliers are in precise coordination and in timely communication. And when small problems arise during construction (as they always will) we are experienced at making sure they do not become major problems—that they get solved expeditiously and without delaying the project’s time schedule or upsetting the budget.

With a construction Owner Representative who is a true impartial and objective owner advocate on your team, you can relax by knowing you have the experience and expertise on your side to seek out significant cost and time savings in the design and physical build-out of your new office. And the best part: our fees more than pay for themselves from cost savings multiple times over!

Please have a look around our website, or if you prefer to have someone contact you to learn more about how we can protect your interests and save your new office important construction time and money, click here. After all, don’t you owe it to yourself and your practice’s future to explore all of your options? We offer a Free Consultation, or can answer any questions you have via email. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you about your dental construction management project!