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Demographics, Site Search, and Property Due Diligence

showimage.aspxIn every project, the first step is finding the proper site location for a new or relocating practice.  This includes a thorough demographics and market analysis, followed by due diligence of one or more potential property locations.  Plainly speaking, the former is to determine and verify the population and economic characteristics of a potential location, while the latter is an investigation to verify that all facts and promises made by a landlord about a specific property are indeed accurate and true.

One of The Denali Group’s biggest strengths is conducting this kind of research, analysis, and summarizing of findings for our clients. We are known to be detail-oriented, accurate, objective, and timely in delivery of these services.

And be aware, many of the findings of the site search and property due diligence process directly leads into the ability to negotiate the best, most favorable lease terms for our clients.

Denali’s services pertaining to  Demographics, Site Search, and Property Due Diligence include:
• Detailed demographic and psychographic analysis
• Market studies / market rental & sales comparable analysis
• Evalation of local economy and future growth potential
• Dentist saturation studies
• On-the-ground property inspections
• Property existing conditions reports
• Building systems evaluations
• Zoning and permitting analysis
• Renovation cost estimating
• Evaluation and verification of ownership characteristics
• Energy efficiency
• Local city economic development issues
• Fire and life safety systems
• ASME requirements
• International building code (IBC) requirements
• Facilitation with applicable municipality departments