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Dental Office Lease Negotiations

In the new start practice process, favorable lease terms are the foundation of everything yet to come.  consultantpic1Beyond the simple economic terms, for example, some leases can have prohibitive clauses that will adversely affect the construction budget and time schedule, can contain exclusions that restrict a dental professional from practicing the way he/she desires, or can lack certain protections which would keep compeitors from locating in proximity to your future practice.

The Denali Group has years of lease negotiations experience.  We negotiate not only the economic terms of a lease, but with Denali’s extensive commerical real estate development, market analysis, construction, and building physical evaluation experience, we are able to dig deep into a lease and identify terms that could negatively affect the client during construction, or even longer-term.  For example, by doing a through walk-through of a property and inspecting all building services (e.g., electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc.) we often are able to convince the landlord to accept responsibility for certain service upgrades.  This is only one example of elements that Denali pays keen attention to, that are often missed by others during lease negotiations.

Denali’s Dental Lease Negotiation services include:
•   Acting as main liaison with landlord
•   Reviewing draft lease and all subsequent revisions
•   Evaluating current market conditions
•   Inspecting properties, especially building systems
•   Conducting Property Conditions Reports
•   Estimating costs of upgrading necessary systems
•   Preparing appropriate Letters of Intent (LOI)
•   Negotiating all lease terms – including economic, physical, maintenance, and construction related terms
•   Advising client on all factors leading to desired lease terms
•   Preparing the way for the following construction process (and any lease terms that could affect the  construction)
•   Interfacing with attorney once final terms are developed
•   Reviewing and check terms of final lease
•   Continue being main interface with landlord through entire construction space build-out process