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Real Estate Due Diligence

Due DiligenceIn every transaction or project the first step is a thorough due diligence or underwriting of “the deal.” Plainly speaking, it is an investigation to verify that all facts and promises are indeed accurate and true. Some due diligence steps are done one-off, others are a long integral process that can last weeks or even months to fully dig to the roots of the issues at-hand.

One of The Denali Group’s biggest strengths is conducting due diligence for a variety of clients in a wide variety of nationwide locations. We are known to be detail-oriented, accurate, objective, and timely in delivery of our services.

Denali’s services pertaining to Due Diligence / Underwriting can include:
• Acquisition/Disposition Due Diligence
• Feasibility Studies
• Pro-Forma Modeling
• Market Studies
• Demographic Analysis
• Economic Impact Analysis
• Environment Due Diligence
• Investment Packaging
• Financing Analysis
• Property/Site Needs Assessment
• Zoning & Permitting Analysis
• Building Systems Evaluations
• Market Comparable Analysis
• Economic Conditions
• Code Enforcement Issues
• Energy Efficiency
• Land Use Planning
• Economic Development
• Fire and Life Safety Systems
• ASME Requirements
• International Building Code (IBC)
• Marketing/Public Relations
• Investor/Committee Reporting
• Budgeting and Scheduling
• Inspections/Property Conditions Reports
• Owner Representation on Construction-related Insurance Claims
• Securing Entitlements
• Facilitation with Municipalities and Community Groups