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Real Estate Pre-Construction

Pre-ConstructionPre-construction covers a variety of services for assisting a client to get from project concept to the start of construction or development. This process can start with concept refinement and bubble/box diagramming to assembling a formal “Program Package” for use with architects and landlords. Needs assessment, cost estimating, and scheduling are three of the prominent roles in the Pre-Construction process. The Denali Group will conduct insightful property inspections, compile well-verified budgets, and determine pertinent scheduling parameters from the early stages of a project through all design and construction phases.

Even before the first construction shovel touches the dirt or a nail hits the wall, a project’s greatest cost savings can be realized during the Pre-Construction process. Such savings can come from proper site selection, astute design, accurate construction plans and specifications, thorough property conditions assessments, and well-coordinated lease / purchase contract negotiations. Denali is well versed in all these areas and will ensure that the client obtains the greatest savings and value for their dollar.

Denali Pre-Construction services include:
• Defining a program
• Preliminary cost estimating
• Site selection
• Property inspections
• Property conditions reports / needs assessments
• Interview and screen architects
• Lease negotiations
• Entitlements
• Feasibility studies
• Cash flow projections
• Market studies
• Community outreach and studies
• Demographic analysis
• Economic impact analysis
• Environment due diligence
• Investment packaging
• Architectural and Mechanical-Engineering-Plumbing (“MEP”) drawing coordination
• Cost segregation studies
• Plan review and compliance audit
• Bid packaging / soliciting bids