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Dental Practice Management Consulting

A primary goal we have for any dental practitioner we work with (whether a new start practitioner or one owning an established practice) is to ensure they reach the highest level of profitability as soon as possible to cover not only the practice’s bills and salaries, but to compensate themselves for all their hard work…and be able to start creating adequate wealth for themselves, their family, and their retirement. The bottom-line: if a practice owner is forced to obsess about money, then it’s far more difficult to focus proper attention on the practice’s all important clinical issues, patient care, and staff management concerns.

The solution? If you are a new start practice, then you should make wise investments even before you open your doors—so you can be assured that the new or relocated practice will become profitable as quickly as possible! To do this, you need to consider the new office’s business and operational development strategies. These include everything from assembling updated HR manuals, establishing sound financial policies, hiring the right team members, enacting HIPAA and OSHA compliance, negotiating with new insurance providers, putting any needed patient consent forms in place, setting proper new fee schedules, creating customized internal operating policies, setting up management systems, regularly monitoring key data/indices, and of course determining your new location’s image and “branding” strategy.

Denali’s Dental Practice Management Consulting will cover all these functions…as well as many more! We will save you not only time and money even before the first day your new practice opens, but we will help you avoid the heartaches and pitfalls that come with trying to “go it alone” in setting up your new office.

For established practice owners, Denali’s Practice Management Consulting can evaluate all the above mentioned issues, policies, and procedures, and help implement improvements, staff training, leadership development, and regularly monitoring of important practice indices.

Additionally, by being under The Denali Group’s company umbrella, you can be assured of the same hands-on and detail oriented services for which we are well known. Our team can offer a comprehensive full package of services, and literally be your project’s Single Point-of-Contact—for you AND for all the myriad vendors, banks, landlords, and other service providers involved in the complex logistics of opening and/or running a dental office. Denali is able to save you money and protect you from the normal problems and stress that come with this process if you attempt to do it yourself. We will act as your “Owner Representative” and trusted advisor through EVERY stage of your project.

Our comprehensive Practice Management Consulting services include, but are not limited to, the following areas: