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Project Planning, Space Design, and Team Assembly

Construction PlanningProject Planning, Space Design, and Team Assembly cover a variety of services assisting a client to get from early project concept to the start of construction or development. This process can start with a space needs assessment and blocking/bubble diagrams of proposed space designs, to assembling cash flow projections for use with lending institutions, to the creation of  the construction and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) sign/sealed plans. Budget cost estimating, scheduling, permitting, and competitively bidding all service and equipment providers are just a few of other Project Planning, Space Design, and Team Assembly tasks in which Denali specializes.

Even before the first construction shovel touches the dirt or a nail hits the wall, a project’s greatest cost savings can be realized during the Planning, Design, and Team Assembly phases of the project. Such savings come from proper site selection, astute design, accurate plans and specifications, through property conditions assessments, and well-coordinated lease/contract negotiations, and proper screening and selection of service providers and vendors. Denali is well versed in all these areas and will ensure that the client obtains the greatest savings and value for their dollar.

Denali’s Project Planning, Space Design, and Team Assembly services include:
• Defining a program and space concept plan
• Budget cost estimating
• Property inspections
• Property conditions reports/physical needs assessments
• Interviewing and screening architects
• Entitlements and permitting
• Feasibility studies
• Cash flow projections
• Market studies
• Community outreach and studies
• Service provider scopes of work and competitive bidding
• Economic impact analysis
• Environmental due diligence
• Architectural and MEP (Mechanical-Engineering-Plumbing) sign/sealed plans nationwide
• Cost segregation data collection and studies
• Plan review and compliance audits

Example of  Denali dental office design “Box Diagram” for one recent project:box diagram