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The following are some Testimonials from past clients and service providers with whom The Denali Group has worked.

(Note: The Denali Group was formerly known as Denali Investments, Inc. and its Denali Dental/Medical Consulting Group.  The company revised its name in 2011 for better identity and communication purposes.)

Jason Chang DDS MAGD – Live Well Dental Center – Snohomish, WA

I  wanted to share a success story thanks to dentaltown where I found the Denali Group.

About 2 years ago I was trolling around these same discussions looking for sound advice to either to re-negotiate lease, which was up, or take the opportunity to re-locate.   I ended up learning about, then hiring the Denali Group.

This is summary of what they did:
1. Demographic study:  showed no population growth in my current area, with high dentist saturation.  Decision was made to move the practice.
2.  Location was found 6 miles away in a different area based on Denali’s research with more growth, and favorable patient demographics.
3.  Lease negotiation that started with the landlord offering 3 months free rent, ended with 18 months free rent among other pluses.
4.  Contractor selection process that revealed a difference of $200 000 (!)  between the high and low bidder, then Denali negotiated another $40 000 off the lowest bid as well.
5.  10 week build out schedule that was on time.
6.  total of $15 000 in change orders, $10 000 was in Denali’s original budget.

It’s been about a year into our new location, warranty items are being fixed up, under the watch of Denali.  The practice has grown from about 20 new patients a month, with 3 weeks booked, to consistently over 40 new patients a month. I just hired a new associate to help with my schedule that is booked 5-6 weeks out.

Ultimately, in hindsight  I cannot have imagined what it would have taken to run a practice, and then also oversee construction at the same time, especially without the help of Denali.

Dealing with the number of excuses from the contractors, and vendors as to why things cannot be done on time, or must be done for more money is amazing!  Denali was able to troubleshoot the way out of every situation to get the job done right, and on time.

Today, I still work with Denali with their practice management and marketing team.  They are a solid group of good people.


Jason Chang, DDS MAGD

Kory Wallin, DMD – Silver Leaf Dentistry – Longmont, CO

I wanted to share my story for who may be interested, now or in the future.

I attended Breakaway Seminars several years ago and left convinced that a startup was right for me.  As I began preparations I soon realized how difficult it would be for me to continue to work as a full time associate and get a scratch startup going on my own.  I began to look for help.

While researching online through Dentaltown and the internet I came across The Denali Group.  Robert Lowther spent significant time with me on the phone (for no charge!) over the course of many months to help me get myself prepared for the realities of a startup.  I signed up with Denali in the fall of 2013.

Fast forward to the present day and I’ve been open for a few months now.  I am very happy with the end result, it turned out as good or better than I hoped.  I have a beautiful office that I’m proud of.  We have seen positive growth every month so far.

In our very first conversation Robert warned me that with a startup comes challenges both known and unforeseeable.  This turned out to be very true.  The Denali Group negotiated and labored to overcome many of the common pitfalls of a startup to save me significant money.  When we encountered obstacles – some which seemed insurmountable – they worked hard to find solutions.

I’ll share one experience in particular that was a make-or-break point in my project.  During the construction bidding process we were shocked to see bids coming back well outside of our budget.  The Denali Group went through their process of value engineering and renegotiating, reaching out to over a dozen contractors.  They managed to get the bids down significantly but still outside our budget.  After some very creative and unconventional thinking The Denali Group came up with a way to get our project done.    We experienced a big delay that caused us to push back my opening, but I’m not sure that I would have an office to talk about right now without their ingenuity and relentlessness.

The project took longer and was more expensive than we originally planned but all factors considered I feel blessed to be sitting in the position I’m in now.  I give a lot of credit to The Denali Group for their dedication and support.

Kory Wallin, DMD

Christopher Kim, DDS and Tina Wu, DDS – Spring Love Dentistry – Spring, TX

We are husband and wife dentists who recently opened a dental office in Texas. We’ve worked with The Denali Group for almost two years and it has been quite a journey.

Working closely with Denali, we realized that no company is better than the people that make up the company. It starts out with Robert who leads The Denali Group and supported by his entire team. They are a group of professionals with individual strengths that make up a truly remarkable company.

Our journey started in January 2013. We were looking to open a practice. We didn’t have a real clue where to start. We were browsing multiple big name dental suppliers until we found Denali on Dentaltown postings. Speaking to Robert from The Denali Group, we realized they had wealth of knowledge, experience, and confidence with dental office startups. They didn’t have office hours; they were accessible when you needed them over the phone or emails.

As dentists who have combined million dollar student loans, we just couldn’t afford to take time off work to deal with thousands of things for our startup practice. We were working as full time associates. We needed an extension of us who will represent us, do all the leg work, yet keep us fully informed of all the procedures, options, risks and benefits, and a full autonomy in decision making. The services The Denali Group provided were expansive and valuable. They were our Owner Representative, Consultant, Loan Officer, Real Estate Analyst, Lease Negotiator, Project Manager, Office Designer, “Whip”(watch House of Cards), and “Fixer” (watch Michael Clayton). They have been meticulous, responsive to our requests, and highly knowledgeable. They got our backs the whole way.

We’ve learned a lot these past two years. Starting a business for the first time is tough. There are many small battles and a great war to fight . We are very glad that we’ve been fortunate to have The Denali Group on our side.

Christopher Kim, DDS and Tina Wu, DDS

Springlove Reference Letter

Dr. Lixin Xu and Dr. Hao Yu – New Century Dental Care

“Dear Will:

We wanted to write in order to thank you for all of your expertise and the hard work you have done and the results you achieved on our lease renegotiation.

As you know, reviewing, understanding, and negotiating a long-term lease is something most of the average dentists are not experts at.  We are grateful that you were representing us in this business matter.  It was time and money well spent having you work on our behalf.  In all senses you either met or exceeded our expectations.

We appreciate your excellent communication skills and extremely timely responses.  It was a very pleasant experience working with you!

Best wishes to you, your family, and your business at The Denali Group!”

                                             –Dr. Lixin Xu and Dr. Hao Yu, New Century Dental Care, Ontario, CA  (June 17, 2013)