Marketing Management Services

Why Might You Need Marketing Management Services?

Denali’s Marketing Management Services is a new concept in the dental industry…and frankly, many ask us why they might need this service.
Well, the answer to that is multi-faceted. Why do you need a CPA to do your taxes?… Couldn’t you do your taxes yourself? Why do you need an attorney?… Couldn’t you figure out all your legal issues yourself? Along these lines, the reason you need a marketing consultant is that you are a dentist NOT a full-time marketing expert!
And so you might then ask, why not just hire one of many existing marketing companies referred to you by others or found on the Internet? The reason? We have worked with many of them and, although they have some good services, our past clients have continuously come to us and complained. They do not feel they have been heard, aren’t held accountable with deadlines, don’t target the correct markets or with the desired “messaging,” and overall, lack certain services. They all seem to suffer from some or all of the following: ​
  • Deficient in their communications with the client
  • Don’t meet deadlines
  • Often drop the ball and miss previously discussed changes or requests from the client
  • Don’t listen to client’s desires, objectives, and unique circumstances
  • Offer cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Don’t make full use of available demographic data and local dental market competitive analysis
  • Don’t provide any way of tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars
  • Miss out on offering certain value-added services that “make or break” bringing new patients to you…and then also retaining those patients!
Instead, when it comes to needing a coherent, targeted, and focused Marketing Program, many past clients of ours have complained they have no “true partner and trusted advocate” to oversee the entire marketing process! ​
And so, we decided to take Denali’s reputation for our hands-on, proactive, trusted approach to other consulting services and developed our Marketing Management Services. As part of this service, we also wanted to offer our clients certain additional “Value Added” services which traditional marketing companies do not offer a dentist (or at least don’t offer them very well!)—these are further described herein.
Our Marketing Management Services were literally borne and molded by what our past clients have conveyed to us—that they needed to have someone “on their side” to orchestrate the ENTIRE dental practice marketing process from concept to implementation to tracking results. So many past clients became completely frustrated by the complexities of marketing and the lack of favorable results from the huge dollar investment they were paying their marketing companies…who only seemed to under deliver on their promises! There was no one who held the marketing companies accountable for the entire process and their promised results…no one who would regularly communicate to the clients about when and what to expect from deliverables. And especially no one who was an objective “champion” for the client’s needs—who could verify that content was communicating the correct “messaging,”…and making sure deadlines were adhered to,…and further, making sure the client was getting the most value for their marketing dollar!
What Denali now offers is the opportunity for a far more coordinated, precise, and well-communicated Marketing Program. We will work hand-in-hand with you, the dentist, to develop a cohesive and customized marketing campaign. Through a competitive bidding process, we help you select a marketing company to implement all the logistical aspects of the campaign while taking a very active role in managing them. At the same time, we are verifying and contributing to content and proper “messaging,” ensuring due dates are strictly enforced, and that the eventual outcomes you expect will actually be delivered! We also will offer you certain “value added” services that current marketing companies either don’t offer or do them very poorly—like onsite training of your front desk staff. Training of this person is a key factor. They will be the patient’s first impression of your office when the phones are answered and appointments scheduled (know this: next to you, the single most crucial other person in your future office will be the front desk person…they will make or break the ultimate success of your future dental practice!). We additionally offer you other added services like the information on your competition found in your Dental Saturation Study/Phantom Calling Report to better target your desired demographics, and more effective tracking of the Return on Investment (“ROI”) of your marketing dollars. And, as a result, we will be able to advise you on how to adjust where future marketing dollars are best increased or decreased. All of these services is like having an in-house Marketing Director of your very own…but without the overhead required of a full-time staff person!
Denali’s Marketing Management Services start with an informed evaluation of your desires and the local dental market where you are located. We then will produce a defined marketing strategy including a step-by-step approach for achieving the targeted “branding” and “messaging” for your practice. Denali will manage the entire process every step of the way!
We think this method of having a trusted consulting advocate on your side to manage the whole Marketing Program is going to revolutionize how Dental Practice Marketing will be done in the future. Not only will it will help ease the burden on you to not have to be constantly checking on the status of your marketing campaign, but it will provide you with informed experienced guidance and, in the end, this will yield far stronger, more cohesive, long-term results! ​
Denali’s Marketing Management Services were created to fulfill the previously unsatisfied need to help dentists maximize their marketing budget…and to get the results a dentist desires and needs…to grow, prosper, and reach your desired height of success!


Through our prior experience and understanding of what a new start dentist or existing practice requires from his/her Marketing Program, the role of our Marketing Consultant is essentially seven-fold: ​
  • To fully explore a dentist’s needs, desires, and objectives as it pertains to the messaging, branding, and image building of the client’s future practice.
  • Review all existing market data and conditions (especially done through prior demographics research and Denali’s Saturation Study/Phantom Calling Report) and then determine the target market and the local gaps in service to be filled by the client’s new practice.
  • Translate the above into a coherent, proactive, targeted Marketing Program—with well-defined steps, components, expected deliverables, and targeted goals. This process will produce a full scope of work, timeline, and expected budget. Denali’s approach is also “target driven” not the usual “canned” approach that so many traditional marketing companies follow.
  • Effectively communicate this Program to your chosen marketing company (determined through a competitive bidding process).
  • Manage the entire marketing campaign including deliverables and deadlines for your entire first year.
  • Also provide the client with supplemental “value-added” services (that marketing companies don’t offer) such as training front desk staff on how to best handle callers and turn them into potential patients; monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing budget; and randomly auditing front desk calls to improve staff performance and results. A Marketing Consultant should also work with a dentist’s Practice Management Consultant in training all employees in “Internal Marketing” techniques to make certain all patients become return patients AND referral sources.
  • And lastly, work to make sure the dentist is delivered tangible results…measured by the number of new patients being seen each week and the increase in resulting practice revenue!
Our Marketing Management Services are designed to take a VERY hands-on approach to achieving the results our clients desire…and that they expect from their marketing investment! ​
In the process, we will free up your time to concentrate on other elements of your practice as well as alleviating your stress, anxieties, and concerns about how your practice is going to increase its patient base.
A Marketing Consultant literally does all this leg work for you! The Consultant will manage all the intricacies of the entire process to make sure you are delivered a well-coordinated, unified, focused marketing campaign so that you do not have to constantly check in with a marketing company or track down needed information for decisions. The Consultant does all this for you! As stated above, a good Marketing Consultant will also provide many value-added services that traditional marketing companies do not offer. ​
A better designed, targeted, communicated, and managed marketing program is what a Marketing Consultant delivers. Action, Impact and Results…these are what Denali’s Marketing Management Services offer you!