The Denali Group is the only company working
nationally with the depth of experience to
specialize in handling the Physical
Operational, and Marketing aspects of
establishing a new dental practice, relocating
an existing one, or improving upon an on-going
office. We provide our well diversified
consulting services to both new start
practitioners and existing practitioners…
whichever of our services you use, they will
take you and your team to the next level!
Our company’s hallmark is saving all of our
clients money, time, and stress during
the planning and construction of a new office,
and/or while setting up or further perfecting
internal policies, procedures, and controls.
When contemplating starting a new practice,
relocating an existing one, or growing an on-
going office to the next level, a practitioner
should consider The Denali Group’s services
as an integral necessity for effectively
managing your project and best advising you
step-by-step through the entire process of
making your professional dreams into reality!

“The preeminent team of experts driving your remarkable success today and beyond.”

Robert Lowther

Owner & CEO

Susan Tibbles

Executive Vice President

Janet Steward

Sr. Vice President of
Practice Management


For New Start Dental Offices: The Denali Group can literally create a “Turnkey Office” for you—starting from scratch and 10 to 14 months later handing you the keys to a completed fully operational new office! We do all the leg work for you, oversee all crucial project logistics, assemble the necessary service providers, expertly manage design and construction, and if desired, also staff/train your new team and establish all your new practice’s necessary business management tools and systems and create a customized marketing program for you.
For Existing Dental Practices: Our team can provide you the know-how needed to further refine existing operating systems, policies, and procedures to effectively manage and grow your dental practice. Our Practice Management Consulting services can include everything from hiring new staff and training them properly; assembling/improving customized HR and Operating Manuals; installing sound financial policies; ensuring correct HIPAA and OSHA compliance; negotiating with new insurance providers; putting any needed new patient consent forms in place; reviewing fee schedules; perfecting customized internal operating policies; setting up tighter management systems; and regularly monitoring key data/indices for on-going improvements.
Additionally, our Marketing Management Services can act as your own in-house “Marketing Director” but without the overhead of paying a salary or benefits to a full-time employee! We start by undergoing a thorough investigation of your market area and demographics, conduct a detailed competitive analysis of all surrounding existing dental practices, and then create and implement a customized Marketing Program. On-going services also include such services as our unique “Results Mapping” of where your patients are coming from, regular review of your marketing ROI, and monitoring of your front desk phone answering abilities, and if necessary, further staff training to improve your “closing rate.”
For All Our Clients: Whether we are working with a new start client or a practitioner who has been in business for many prior years, we do not make the decisions for you…rather, what Denali does throughout an entire project is arm you with full information allowing you to make your own well-informed decisions with the least amount of stress and the least amount of time away from your current production and personal obligations. ​