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Characteristics All Denali Demograpic Studies Other Demographic Reports
No waiting for results
Psychographic tapestries
Percent of population visiting a dentist
Dental spending per household
Marketing Radius data included
Numerical ranking of identified areas
Future look/addition of more competition
Addition of non-compete exclusion areas
Narrative of findings and rankings
Identification of competitors
Customized to your preferences
General demographic data
Dental demographic data
Color-coded mapping
Number of dentists/specialists in an area
Evaluation of economic future growth
Single or multiple location report options

1. Pick your report
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3. Pick your geographic areas
4. Confirm your selected areas
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The next generation of Dental Demographics is here now.

Dental Demographic Data

Gain a clear picture of the market, growth
drivers, saturation, dental specific
statistics, and local competition while
providing you with a viability ranking for
each research area.

Access to Information 24 / 7

Enjoy the freedom of completing your
demographic research anytime and
anywhere you have an internet

Marketing Insights

Each area includes marketing radius
demographics and tapestry data for
targeted marketing campaigns.

Color Coded Maps

Summary Table


Comparison Tables

A Demographic Study looks at historical data, gives a clear picture of the market and saturation, demonstrates growth drivers, provides dental specific statistics, and takes into account additional dental practices to provide a viability ranking that other demographic reports typically don’t have. One of The Denali Group’s biggest strengths is conducting this kind of research, analysis, and summary of findings.