Mesa, Arizona - Dental Demographics

Mesa, Arizona - Dental Demographics

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Overall the Mesa area contains the following set of demographics.
  • The percentage of growth between 2010-2020 is 12.9%
  • The projected population growth, 2021 to 2026, is 7.3%
  • The median home value is $251,252
  • The average housing cost as a percent of income 23.1%
  • The number of new residents projected in the next 5 years is 6,808
  • The number of daytime employees is 40,249
  • The number of daytime residents is 48,943
  • The dental spending is $243 (MPI 60)
  • The percentage of the population visiting a dentist is 31.1% (MPI 82)

United States
Population, 202192,9847,426,164 * 333,934,112 *
Population >= 18 Years old69.8%77.0% *78.3% *
Population < 18 Years old30.2%23.0% *21.7% *
Projected Population, 202699,7927,938,518345,887,495
Median Age30.337.738.8
Projected population growth, 2021 to 20267.3%6.9%3.6%
New Projected Residents Added in the Next 5 Years (2021-2026)6,808512,35411,953,383
New Projected Households Added in the Next 5 Years (2021-2026)2,263191,4924,576,689

*There may be a slight difference between the population numbers and the percentage breakdown noted in the location table above compared with the US Census data. The data above is from ESRI, a more frequently updated source.