Las Vegas, Nevada - Dental Demographics - Housing

Las Vegas, Nevada - Dental Demographics - Housing

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This 2 mile radius contains 35,673 housing units and a high vacancy rate of 19.0%. This area has a 20.4% home ownership rate and 60.6% of the population are renters. The ownership occupancy levels are well below Nevada and US.

Home values have two implications—they can signal the relative affluence of an area and thus the ability of its population to spend more on dental care, but they can also show the relative unaffordability of an area and its possibility not to grow as fast as other more affordable locations. The median home ownership value in this area is $245,413 which is well below Nevada. The median home ownership value for the United States is $204,900. This area averages spending 33.2% of their income on total housing which is considerably higher than the 30% figure that is considered a healthy housing spending percentage. Total housing expenditure includes the cost of shelter as well as utilities, fuel, and public services like water and sewer. This means that housing expenditures use a greater amount of the household budget on a national basis than it should by large amount. Disposable income in this area averages 66.8%. The average housing cost of just shelter as a percent of income in this area at 23.5%. The area is affordable for those living here. In general, all these housing factors are below average indicators of desirability of an area and its economic growth potential.

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Demographic Analysis for Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, NevadaNevadaUnited States
Demographic CharacteristicLas Vegas
Latitude / Longitude:36.169941, -115.13983
Radius2 miles3 miles
Housing units35,67378,8651,343,129142,853,336
Median home value$245,413$236,600$359,262$264,021
Home ownership rate20.4%29.8%52.0%57.3%
Renter-occupied housing60.6%51.2%35.5%31.2%
Vacant housing units19.0%19.0%12.5%11.5%
Average Cost of Housing$10,359$12,146$18,739$20,090
Average Housing Cost as a Percent of Income23.5%23.1%21.9%21.7%
     Average household size2.742.942.662.58
Family households52.1%59.0%64.8%65.5%
Household with children33.9%37.5%33.9%33.4%
High school graduate or higher69.0%68.5%87.0%88.9%
Bachelor degree or higher12.3%12.9%26.2%33.6%
Native American1.0%0.9%1.2%1.0%
Pacific Islanders0.5%0.5%0.7%0.2%
Other Race30.0%31.0%13.7%7.1%
Hispanic or Latino of any race56.4%58.3%30.0%18.9%

Home Ownership Rates

Las Vegas, Nevada - Home Ownership Rates
Owner Occupied Households by Census Tract

 54.57% to 76.37%
 41.68% to 54.57%
 29.56% to 41.68%
 15.27% to 29.56%
 0.32% to 15.27%
1.Las Vegas