Las Vegas, Nevada - Dental Demographics - Income

Las Vegas, Nevada - Dental Demographics - Income

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Median household income is $27,401 and per capita income is $15,675 in Las Vegas. Median income is well below the U.S. median income. Average household income is $44,168 per year. Las Vegas's per capita income is well below the state of Nevada and the U.S. The percentage of households with an average income is 0.0%. Additionally, 3.5% of the population earns over $150,000. The percentage of the population at poverty level (below $25,000) is 46.5% and is well above Nevada and US poverty levels. The unemployment rate is high overall at 13.7%. White-collar professions account for 36.1% of employment. Service occupations comprise 35.8% of the employment base while blue-collar occupations make up 28.1% of the base.

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Demographic Analysis for Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, NevadaNevadaUnited States
Demographic CharacteristicLas Vegas
Latitude / Longitude:36.169941, -115.13983
Radius2 miles3 miles
Per capita income$15,675$17,433$31,838$35,106
Median household income$27,401$34,563$62,813$64,730
Average household income$44,168$52,677$85,437$92,435
Less than $25,00046.5%38.8%17.7%18.0%
$25,000 - $34,99911.6%11.6%8.1%8.4%
$35,000 - $49,99912.8%14.1%12.9%11.9%
$50,000 - $74,99913.4%15.4%18.6%17.3%
$75,000 - $99,9996.3%8.0%14.0%12.8%
$100,000 - $149,9995.9%7.1%16.0%15.8%
$150,000 - $199,9991.9%2.1%6.2%7.2%
$200,000 or more1.6%2.9%6.5%8.5%
     $50,000 - $99,99919.6%23.4%32.5%30.2%
     Number of Households $50,000 - $99,9995,67614,939382,53938,157,088
     $35,000 - $149,99938.3%44.6%61.5%57.9%
     Number of Households $35,000 - $149,99911,06728,509722,91073,193,488
Persons employed in labor force30,99474,0911,415,168157,284,361
Unemployed civilians13.7%12.8%8.1%6.2%
Workers By Occupation:
     Management Occupations6.8%8.0%14.9%17.9%
     Professional Occupations9.0%9.0%18.5%24.8%
     Sales Occupations10.6%10.2%10.6%9.3%
     Admin Occupations9.8%9.8%11.8%11.2%
     All Other Occupations/Blue Collar28.1%30.1%22.1%21.8%

Median Household Income by Census Tract

Las Vegas, Nevada - Median Household Income by Census Tract
Median Household Income by Census Tract

 $78k to $130k
 $55k to $78k
 $41k to $55k
 $28k to $41k
 $16k to $28k
1.Las Vegas